Don’t be afraid of yourself

Invite and allow your SELF

Old hurts keep us small

There are some issues in different levels of our being and also from past lives that we are afraid of, mostly unconsciously.

Old hurts keep us small and from showing ourselves in our greatness.

It takes courage to recognize and accept our own greatness.

Showing our BIGNESS

Yes, in these times of change it is all about showing our BIGNESS and about making the decision for ourselves.

I have been able to gain some experience and am very happy to offer you my services. 

It is about being untouchable, accepting everything from you in a protected space and bringing healing to the wounded levels.

I am very thankful to dear Kalu that she offered me her core-competence “Do not be afraid of yourself-invite and allow your true self”🙏

I feel a lot of open space and my energetic bodies are enjoying this space. Much healing – calmness – acceptance of being – taking own place, all happening within me and around me 🥰 🌸 ❤️


Surely it doesn’t take as much courage to surf through treetops on a zipline as it does to face the power of one’s own light, as Nelson Mandela mentioned in the famous quote in his inaugural speech. And so today I entrusted myself to an energetic work with a wonderful ability of Kalu. „Don’t be afraid of yourself“, her newly tapped core skill has let me experience myself free of this fear today. I have arrived in a quiet joy in which I rest, in which doing loses its weight. I feel uplifted and expanded in the boundless vastness of my being.

Otherwise we tend to withdraw our light, because we have not always had good experiences with its presence. For this Kalu also installs a protection that we can be there with our light as a matter of course. 

Thank you, Kalu, that you dared to unpack this quality of yours and that it can now serve many people.


Dear Kalu, Do not be afraid of you: It helps me to expand out of my inner center and to feel protected and safe in my expansion! This changes the resonance level towards others and creates more serenity and freedom in the encounter! I really appreciate Kalu’s KKn and healing energy work because it is powerful, aligned and profound! Each one by itself and all together a true grace! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Kalu!

Dr. Shasma Karch

In several steps I guide you in the protection of „my flag“ through all levels of your being.

You feel safe and protected – there is nothing to fear anymore. 

Your own flag is allowed to show itself! And together we solve and redeem, in this protected space, everything that shows up in old fears, burdening experiences of being hurt, of being persecuted etc..

I lead you, in my protection, which makes you invulnerable in all levels, through your physical body, your astral body, your emotional body, your causal body and hypercausal body to the throne of God and beyond.

In a next step, I guide you with your „flag“ through all bodies until it shows up, stably connected to the divine throne.

You experience that EVERYTHING you bring to earth is yours, you can hold and protect your space yourself and show yourself with your flag. You take your power again.

You are ONE with EVERYTHING and can be happy and blissful.

2 Sessions
1500 €
& Follow-up interview after approx. 6 weeks

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