New: Intensive cleaning and curing/ healing the side effects of mRNA injection. 

Back to the life

Meanwhile, it is found that especially the spike proteins contained in the mRNA drugs are responsible for side effects and diseases. They damage the vessels and there is a risk of thrombosis – pulmonary embolism, heart attack, stroke, etc.

These extreme SIDE EFFECTS are not felt before! You can be fine for a while and suddenly it hits you. I already had to make this experience in my closer circle of acquaintances. 

6 steps program – Master techniques


1. Spike proteins are released from the body.


2. The "BRAINNEBEL" is dissolved, so that your own THINKING becomes possible again.


3. Your consciousness is reconnected with you and connected to your original level.


4. The immune system and the mitochondria, which are responsible for our energy, are strengthened.


5. Chronic fatigue up to depression will be dissolved.


6. Your blood will be energetically cleansed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful cleansing and healing work! I find every single method of the 6 steps very intensive and deeply effective! Especially insightful and redeeming for me was the work with the mitochondria! An energy supply system on the cellular level, which was blocked in its true power for a very long time! I see that it reaches far back (Atlantis) and thus also represents a superordinate topic! Also the blood purification about the strength of the sun I feel as a blessing! From this point of view I have the impression that a much broader use of these methods makes sense and contributes to the well-being even without existing complaints!

Dr. Shasma Karch

The experience of the 6 steps treatment was indeed a beautiful and at the same time very demanding process. At the beginning it was as if the energies did not reach me and did not come into the energy field at all. After a short time I feel a tingling, a vibration in my body as if a light was circling through me and cleansing me in rotating movements. Freeing myself from negative attachments and also in my head became more and more clarity. After the 6 steps I was very very tired. My whole body felt like after a marathon. A few days passed and I recognize myself in the mirror again and also my mind is getting clearer and the connection back to me in clearer.

Thank you dear Kalu for your wonderful work and that I was allowed to experience it ☺️🙏☺️

Ira Kriegbaum

The compensation for the whole package is:

1800 €

and can be given in 2 treatment sessions (possibly more) online and in person.

It is not only cleansing and healing for the current situation for injected and non-injected clients, it goes way back into old lives and resolves injuries. 

 Connecting to one’s source light brings new awareness and is deeply healing on all levels.

A journey to myself

Kalu had forewarned me and I felt really sick. Full pressure in my stomach, then all the different thought patterns rose up. All the stuff that is hyped up and drilled in from all sides. I noticed that I was getting angry. You know that feeling when you think something „sucks“. I felt that what had pushed itself in front of my perception so what…. Kalu was doing a good job. I was breathing and hanging on…….

In the next phase, this freed space filled up The perseverance had paid off.

After step 4 of this great master technique. While Kalu was providing me with the energy, I felt coupled to a great flowing life energy. I saw, like in a movie, the team I was working in, they were in a vortex and could only react without any possibility to get involved.

Then I noticed how a force rose up in myself, expanded and the external energy field could no longer influence me. Yes, it even had to react to me. This is how leadership works. I don’t always succeed, but since then more and more

Mairea Kuttner

I experienced and felt the 6-step cleansing very intensively.I would like to give you a short feedback. First of all, I became aware of the energy-sapping tension I was under and how a gray, leaden heaviness had spread through me, even though I was only in contact with people who had had themselves injected. During the treatment I felt a wonderful relaxation, a letting go of all tension while the gray and heaviness slowly dissolved.

My brain received new impulses and areas that were previously switched off were reactivated. At the same time my heart became my power center again and lightness and liveliness could spread. In the end I could perceive the light in all cells and felt really illuminated and was so grateful that I followed my impulse and you, that you did this cleaning with me. Since this „graying“ and „becoming lame“ is such a creeping process, it is also hardly noticeable. 

Back in my full vibrancy the difference to before was enormous and really impressive!!!

Thank you very much and best regards

Warin Schröder

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