Heart Chakra Meditation

Here, I guide you to look at your life through your own heart and find out how you might experience more clarity during these intense times.

You long for freedom and completeness, are determined to walk YOUR unique path of the heart and live your soul potential on earth?

Then I hold out my hand to you and accompany you on your path of the heart.
I am Kalu, and for many years now, I am walking the path of my heart …

Kalu, my name, carries the healing knowledge of a past life as an Atlantic pyramid priestess a long time ago when I served accompanying people on their path towards healing, power and mastery. Today I am a certified osteopath, healer, spiritual teacher and founder of Energetic Osteopathy. I am also a mother of two grown-up children and a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren.

My path of the heart

I have always been aware that only love and connectedness matter. Even as a child, I wanted to protect my family and friends and see them all happy. Only when everything around me was at peace could I sleep well.

In my spiritual search, I met people and spiritual masters who guided and accompanied me to my mastery.

My path also led me to Russia, where I founded a centre for meditation and spiritual training in Leningrad, formerly known as Königsberg.

When I came to Königsberg in 2004, I felt that I had come home and had a purpose there.

So I gave up my practice and my house in Germany and moved to Leningrad. This was a big step for me that wasn’t always easy, yet it made my power, love, and spiritual being grow more and more.

This place on the Baltic Sea is a great place for peace. A place that lets you recognise the unique qualities of the East and the West and reconnect them with each other.

Since 2011 I am offering Alpha Chi Consultant Training, spiritual counselling and FengShui in Russia.

Since 2012 I also live in Berlin and thus connect the East with the West.

In seminars, such as „Energetic Osteopathy“ and „new relationship between organs and emotions“, I train healers, doctors and therapists and accompany them on their way to become „healers“.

In 2019, new levels opened up for me, and two wonderful core competencies have unfolded.

Core competencies are very individual, powerful talents, skills and qualities. It often takes a lifetime to find one’s core competency.

Working with my core competencies, „brain-melting“ and „star seed potentials“, which have come directly from the throne of God, opens up completely new ways and possibilities for myself and my clients. It is a great grace and fulfilment to me, and I feel deeply grateful.

You are the best thing in your life.

What prevents you from living your authentic self are old structures from past lives, fears and thought patterns that keep you stuck and deny you success and your potential to live fully.

The fear of our greatness and power can make us feel content. Contentment is something that might keep us small, deny us our potential and our aliveness and eventually lead to pain…

How I can support you on your path to finding and living your potential and the divine source of bliss:

Emotions and fears are released from the physical and emotional body and receive healing.

Old incarnation paths and traumatic experiences are healed.

Thought structures and patterns are dissolved or transformed in all chakras.

Initiation: Respect and devotion towards yourself and your path

Initiation: Respect for the path of others

Meditation - initiation and guidance

Old levels of guidance are transformed or closed, and new levels of guidance are opened.

Your completeness, your star seed potential, is brought down to earth and connected with you.

Your heart will experience healing.

Together we will unfold your divine soul plan and the memory of your true SELF.

I am happy that we meet on our paths. 

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Heart Chakra Meditation

Here, I guide you to look at your life through your own heart and to find out how you might experience more clarity during these intense times.

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