Old thought structures – behaviour patterns are dissolved and transformed, for more freedom – love – peace – clarity! 

New space is created for your SOUL, for a new light-filled future and your potential.

Finding the path of your heart 

We all want to be happy and live a life of joy, abundance and freedom. Everyone talks about following their path of the heart. In these times of upheaval, this has become more challenging.

Some thoughts and emotions block us, hold us back and rule our lives. That’s something nearly every one of us has experienced to some degree. How often have you wished to be free from these thought patterns, fears and worries? To really live yourself, to find simplicity and clarity for yourself and your steps in life?

Often you even feel „other-directed“ and are so caught up in it that it seems hopeless. Or you believe that it is your own thoughts and experiences that keep you in a cage.

Now the solution is here for you!

Yes, I admit, BRAIN-MELTING sounds unusual, but it is desirable, and the effect can be felt immediately, a new space is created! 

After all, our head is sacred to us, and we often believe that what we think is the ultimate truth and even mistaken our thoughts for our true self.

Don’t worry!


I expand divine golden fire energy from the throne of God to you, which frees you from everything that you are ready to let go of, and that is permitted to happen within the divine order. 

Old thought patterns, introjects from parents and society, and beliefs about yourself are transformed or dissolved by this golden fire energy. Your thinking becomes clear and pure again; your thoughts calm down, new tranquillity and inner space unfold – as it corresponds to the pure core of your being.

These foreign structures have covered your brain and your energy centres. Yes, even your organs and all other body structures are also affected. Each one of your chakras will be so profoundly freed up and cleansed from these limiting structures through the brain-melting energy that it will be effortless for you to hold a 360-degree expansion and fill it with your BEING and your LOVE. It is also possible to directly treat organs or the spine with this „brain-melting“ energy and allow healing.

You are the BEST in your life – the greatest love of your life – this is YOU!

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your life path?

Dear Kalu! Thank you for your repeated treatment with your CC! Especially in combination with your osteopathic treatment, the energy has penetrated me profoundly and opened healing doors in my body! This current of love and healing has led to a wholly changed body feeling! I feel a clear flow in the whole musculoskeletal system, which was not there for a long time! Thank you for this feeling and experience of expansion, space and mobility inside and outside!

MaRa Eickermann

Kalu really brought me more down to earth with her CC brain melt. The most impressive thing was when she treated my spine with it. I had a comminuted fracture in my spine 20 years ago. Suddenly, I felt a vibration rising through my spine, and suddenly my whole posture changed. It was like being straightened up. It felt sensational. Kalu used the brain-melting energy in every chakra and also in 2 organs. These treatments took place on three different days, and I may say that it was a blessing for me. Hardly any uncontrolled thoughts anymore; I am more grounded and feel better nourished. I can whole heartily recommend the brain-melting session. Thank you, dear Kalu, for taking these steps.

Sharam Tiemann

BRAIN-MELTING for the head, the brain and the chakras in a single offer, just as you need it!

Brain-melting for head/brain and
all chakras in one session

Approx. 1st hour a 2nd session/follow-up approx. 2 to 4 weeks later!

In this work, your head, brain and all seven chakras are freed from old thought patterns and beliefs – experience how it feels to expand your energy 360 degrees. I will show you how to maintain this expansion and how you can continue to work with your chakras and the „brain-melting“ energy independently.

The potential in your chakras becomes available, and the energy comes into a new flow. This strengthens and renews:

The connection to your divine guidance, your higher self (lotus chakra).
The ability to think freely and indeed in its original sense, your perception (brow chakra)
Your communication skills and the ability to act – vastness and new freedom (throat chakra)
Your unconditional love for yourself and others (heart chakra)
Your inner peace and acceptance of your power (peace chakra)
Your joy of life, courage and power (navel chakra)
Your trust and connection to the earth, self-confidence and strength (root chakra)

1st session approx. 1 hour
2nd session and follow-up talk approx. 30 min.

700,- €

Your thoughts do not come to rest?

You are worried about the future, can’t relax or switch off and can’t sleep well?

Do you long for clarity, your own truth and silence in your thoughts?
Then this offer is perfect for you! Brain melting for the head and the brain and the brow chakra for a clear perception!

One single session approx. 40 min.

300,- €

Heart Chakra

You have pressure on your heart or tightness in your chest and can’t breathe freely?

Do you have difficulties loving yourself and others? Self-doubt determines your life, or your neck and shoulders hurt?

The treatment of the heart chakra with the energy of brain-melting will release the pressure from your heart.

Shadows are released, old structures are melted so that you can open up to your unconditional love again.

Single sessions
approx. 20 min.

150,- €

Throat Chakra

Do you have tightness in your throat, can’t communicate freely?

Your heart and head don’t work well together?

Do you have difficulties taking new steps?

The treatment of the throat chakra opens a new space of expanse and freedom for you. It connects your heart with your head and lets you communicate freely.

Single sessions
approx. 20 min.

150,- €

Solar plexus

You get upset easily; you don’t feel seen and respected; you feel an inner struggle?

Do you have physical problems with, e.g. the stomach, the pancreas, the gall bladder, or the thoracic spine and shoulders?

The treatment of the peace chakra cleanses old emotions and thought patterns. A golden stream of peace flows into you and lets you arrive in your inner peace.

Treatment of the Solar Plexus Chakra. I live and express my inner peace

Single sessions
approx. 20 min.

150,- €

Navel Chakra

Courage and strength come alive

Are you lacking joie de vivre?

Do you feel weakened?

Does your life situation discourage you?

You don’t know what to do?

Does your back hurt?

Treatment of the navel chakra

Courage and strength come alive again

Single sessions
approx. 20 min.

150,- €

Root chakra

Do you lack self-confidence, trust in life on earth?

Are you afraid of the future?

You miss feeling safe and protected on earth?

Do you have pain in your lower back, legs or knees?

Treatment of the Root Chakra

Living a trustful connection to the earth

Single sessions
approx. 20 min.

150,- €

Lotus Chakra

Do you lack faith in yourself?

Are you plagued by doubts about the meaning of your life?

Do you find it challenging to open up to your higher consciousness?

Do you lack devotion to your divine being?

Treatment of the Lotus Chakra

Experience your heaven again

Single sessions
approx. 20 min.

150,- €

Profound, long-term coaching 

with Brain-melting and the Star seed potentials.

During this coaching, we work together on your healing path and your completeness.

Through regular ZOOM or Skype meetings, you will receive ongoing individual healing treatments with my core competencies. Unique“ limits/difficulties“ come to the surface and want to be recognised and healed. Depending on the healing required, I will also treat these obstacles with other techniques, such as energetic osteopathy, dissolving and healing traumas and trauma chains, liberating incarnation paths, healing the heart and releasing emotions from the organs. I will give you individual assignments to support you in the process of healing and completeness.

4 months of coaching

10  individual sessions – as and when you need them.

4.500,- €

6 months of coaching

13 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

6.000,- €

9 months of coaching

19 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

9.000,- €

Support – Coaching in the group

6 participants
6 month

3.500,- €

You get 12 sessions through ZOOM
including 2 individual sessions

Dear Kalu, more than four weeks after your treatment with ‚Brain Melting‘ and Energetic Osteopathy, the ailments I had for many years… are gone! My lower back and left leg are „free“, and at the same time, they are a sensitive indicator for when I walk in less than optimal terrain in less than optimal shoes. Thank you very much. I felt super well looked after and seen.

Farani Linke

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