Heart Chakra Meditation

Here, I guide you to look at your life through your own heart and find out how you might experience more clarity during these intense times.

Individual Treatments

The following treatment options are also available as individual sessions for adults and children and can be booked online! 

Energetic Osteopathy

is a healing method that I developed. Energetic Osteopathy combines the gentle techniques of osteopathy with energy healing methods in a new way. This treatment method opens up a larger space for healing. Physical and psychological blockages are released, and self-healing is promoted.

Dissolving emotions 

Using new methods and techniques, this is a very effective and simple way to release emotions and chains of emotions from the body structures, such as organs and the spine.

Releasing trauma chains

Traumas, both physical and psychological, are always linked and have their origins in past lives. In this work, I look for the source of the injury and dissolve this bond. 

Heart healing

Our heart has experienced a lot of pain, and we still feel this pain in certain situations. There are different ways to release the current pain and also the conflict in the past.

Releasing incarnation paths

New decisions want to be made, yet we are still attached to old experiences from previous lives. In this work, we look at specific topics through different times. A connection becomes apparent like a thread, connecting different lives with the same issue. With new possibilities, I make these incarnation paths visible and then release and pacified them.

Reincarnation therapy

Is a possibility to revisit specific topics from a former life and thereby experience insight and healing.

Releasing foreign energies

Every day we are confronted with many energies that can attach themselves to us. I release these energies and show you how you can remove them yourself in the future.

New levels of leadership

In this time of change and transformation, our old ways are often no longer helpful and want to be ended or renewed. 

New unique aspects of leadership want to be integrated into our lives.

Feng Shui for your home and workplace

Our apartment, house and workplace are essential for our health and growth. Depending on your individual needs, energies can be released, transformed, and raised to create a beneficial space for you and your family. Unique power places for personal topics can also be created indoors or outdoors, e.g. for communication, peace.

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