A profound, long-term Coaching

With „Brain Melting“, „Star germ potentials“ and my 3rd core competence „Don’t be afraid of yourself“, I accompany you on your healing path in your completeness.

Through regular ZOOM or Skype meetings, you will receive ongoing individual healing treatments with my core competencies. Unique ”limits/difficulties” come to the surface and want to be recognised and healed. Depending on the healing required, I will also treat these obstacles with other techniques, such as energetic osteopathy, dissolving and healing traumas and trauma chains, liberating incarnation paths, healing the heart and releasing emotions from the organs. I will give you individual assignments to support you in the process of healing and completeness.

4 months of coaching

10 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

4.500,- €

6 months of coaching

13 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

6.000,- €

9 months of coaching

19 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

9.000,- €

Support – Coaching in the group

6 participants
6 month

3.500,- €

You get 12 sessions through ZOOM
including 2 individual sessions

Dear Kalu

After you gave me your “CC brain-melting” for the 3rd time, I decided to sign up for your longterm coaching for a couple of months. “Brain-melting” helped me a lot to feel the essence of my being better. With your various techniques, you dissolved blockages and obstacles, and with your CC Star seed potentials, you opened up new spaces for me. In this way, I was able to experience the unique qualities of myself. I feel much more stable in my expansion; my power and love are now always quickly noticeable to me, even in more challenging situations. Dear Kalu, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your supportive guidance on my path. 

Cordially Bela

Dear Kalu

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly, for the excellent support in my search to perceive my whole being. It touches me very deeply to feel my potentials. They help me align myself a little faster and stay on the path of my heart.

Cordially Maximus

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