New times; new paths of the heart; the beginning of a new era

Dear Kalu,

I would like to tell you how I feel after I received my star seed potentials from you. As soon as I received them from you, white-golden light flowed into my body through my crown chakra. It spread throughout my body, and I had the feeling as if every single cell of my body was flooded with this wonderful light. It then spread over my physical body and has enveloped me like a cloak ever since. Perhaps the simplest way I can describe it is, „I have arrived in my light, in my greatness and power.“ This power is also noticeable in my treatments, in that my clients have confirmed to me on several occasions that they feel the sessions have an even deeper effect on them now.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Silvia Palma

Brain Melting was the key back to my lightness and joy for me. Without me being aware of it, a cold heaviness was always covered my thought structures when I encountered something unpleasant on the outside. Others could see my lightness, but I could not feel it because, like resistance fighters, my thoughts were working against me in a negative spiral.

Kalu’s initiation was, for me, like a gentle touch of these structures that were really only lacking love. The hardness and rigidness could melt away, which I perceived as a relieving blessing in my heart. Thank you for this gift, dear Kalu ❤️

Hanna Sommerseats

Dear Kalu, more than four weeks after your treatment with ‚Brain Melting‘ and Energetic Osteopathy, the ailments I had for many years… are gone! My lower back and left leg are „free“, and at the same time, they are a sensitive indicator for when I walk in less than optimal terrain in less than optimal shoes. Thank you very much. I felt super well looked after and seen.

Farani Linke

Kalu’s core competence has triggered a lot of motion within me. Where before I was still unconsciously running on prefabricated trains of thought during many thought processes, these are now simply „deleted“. Although I love to feel and sense, I caught myself judging and questioning myself over and over again. So I was often treading water and spoilt opportunities for myself. My self-perception was often far too critical, harsh and restricting me. I now realise that it didn’t leave me any room for more development.

No tests, as in, „is it really not working anymore now?“ are still effective. Instead of prefabricated answers, patterns, thought processes, evaluations and things that have taken on a life on their own, there is so much silence in me now. The silence that I have searched for and often not found. A silence that now lets me simply perceive without my head still commenting. The space that has opened up gives me new, undreamed-of possibilities and even more joy in looking at the world from a new angle. I also became aware of how much time I was wasting trying to be enough, trying to fit in and keep myself small. A time that I simply gave away and stood still instead of simply following my heart unflinchingly. With all the thought junk gone, I can now remember my to-dos just fine again, even without a note.

Yes, this silence in my head is unusual and new, where my head no longer constantly thinks or where I don’t need to stop thinking consciously. However, it doesn’t feel scary to fill these gaps with more awareness, joy and love. This large space of new possibilities allows great freedom and enthusiasm for new things to grow within me.

I thank Kalu Schreiber from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift and the freedom it gives me to live, see and enjoy life from a different perspective.

Angela Siria Schneider

It took a few days until I could also put into words what Kalu’s core competence, „BRAIN-MELTING“, meant to me.
I experienced the treatment very much on a chakra level. The energy slowly moved from the root chakra upwards. The organs were also noticeable „touched“. During the night, I felt the gallstone. Although the brain-melting did not melt the gallstone, the decision became all the clearer: a clear „Yes“ to do the surgery.
In this order, everything went well, one thing after the other. ❤️❤️ Wonderful Kalu

Gamea Nickel

Kalu Schreiber’s core competency was a great gift to me; my brain-computer was always online, even in my sleep. Always understanding everything, processing, analysing… finding solutions, and I always had to have a plan B up my sleeve? And like the computer, my head was cluttered and rewinding everything in endless loops? Then Kalu lays her hands upon me, and everything clears up, and my core becomes visible again? A deep knowing and trust fill me that I can now stop thinking in advance…


Numela Marion Wickel

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the first to receive Kalu’s new core competence, „BRAIN-MELTING“.

Right at the beginning, I noticed incredibly strong energy building up between her hands in front of her forehead. Then, as she brought her hands to my head, it pulsed widely around my head in waves, becoming more and more intense. I felt everything penetrating my brain layer by layer, simply melting away old, entrenched patterns and opinions. At the same time, this energy made contact with cells throughout my body, and a new inner network of this energy worked its way through my body and beyond. Before, I was worried about getting a headache, but I immediately felt a release, relief and great joy in my whole system. Towards the end, I tried to still think my typical old beliefs in my brain, but every single one of these negative thoughts were immediately melted away between her hands. It continued flowing from my brow chakra down to the root chakra for many hours afterwards, working intensely throughout the entire physical body and the energy bodies.

It is fiery and brings great joy. I feel freer, looser, clearer and, funnily enough, have been doing everything a little differently ever since. I am very happy about that, thank you, dear Kalu!

Sarah A. Baumgartner

Kalu really brought me more down to earth with her CC brain melt. The most impressive thing was when she treated my spine with it. I had a comminuted fracture in my spine 20 years ago. All of a sudden, I felt a vibration rising through my spine, and suddenly my whole posture changed. It was like being straightened up. It felt sensational. Kalu used the brain melting energy in every chakra and also in 2 organs. These treatments took place on three different days, and I may say that it was a blessing for me. Hardly any uncontrolled thoughts anymore; I am more grounded and feel better nourished. I can whole heartily recommend the brain-melting session. Thank you, dear Kalu, for taking these steps.

Sharam Tiemann

I was privileged to receive Kalu’s core competency „brain-melting“ last Saturday at wonderful Amrithaba. As Kalu laid her hands on me, wonderfully soothing light of bright olive green spread through my head. Then I felt a slightly uncomfortable pressure between my temples and surrounded by the warm light, a dark „beam“ formed, which felt as if Kalu was shaking it slightly. Little crumbs trickled out of this beam, like rubbing dry leaves between your fingers. The beam has become much, much lighter and the „crumbs“ less, but the energy is still flowing.

When I went out onto the terrace after the treatment, I admired the wonderful view. And – nothing else ❣️, not a single thought about anything. The constant mental cinema is out of service. I can be completely in the here and now, enjoy the view, enjoy the silence, concentrate, meditate – whatever. And, what is important for me is that my brain is in „stand-by mode“, i.e. I don’t lose myself. This is simply wonderful. Thank you, dear Agni and dear Kalu, for this miracle❣️.

And the energy is still working…❤️❤️❤️

Rasha Renate Bellon-Senk

Kalu has helped me with her core competence, „brain-melting“, to fully redeem the identification with my thoughts. You don’t have to believe everything you think – thinking out of unity, out of love.

Farsh Nardon

Two days ago, I was able to enjoy Kalu’s core competence, „brain-melting“. Thoughts on reset. From the back of my head, a current first went up to my forehead, which then continued to spread throughout my body. It felt like black crumbs dislodging from tissue and cells. My head became pleasantly empty, like a great hall. Sorted, resolved, focused on the essential. Since then, thoughts come clearer and more essential. No more detours. I was simply thinking. And focused on the essential. In connection with the heart. Thoughts on reset delicately melting the old paths of thought linkages that are long outdated. At least that’s how it feels. Many thanks to Kalu Schreiber for this super quality!!! I can warmly recommend it! For me, thinking has become so much easier.

Tira Koch

It has been a few days now since I received this work from Kalu! It is not easy to describe star seed potential. What stands out? What strikes me most profoundly is that my appreciation of my life has changed. Individual images, experiences emerge; I look at them, go through the experienced feelings again and then sometimes, something completely new happens. The feelings leave my body and disappear into my energy body. A frightening emptiness then comes up in me, as if I had just lost a personal treasure. When I asked why I felt this way, I got the answer that I wanted to experience this feeling. Now there is room for something new. This gives my life a whole new quality. Thank you, Kalu!

Jaruh Schrempp

On Friday, I went to Kalu for a „brain melting“ treatment. Wonderful energy flowed through me; a lot of heaviness was released from the neck, shoulders and heart; arms and hands were perfused. A ray from heaven flowed through my chakras.

The subsequent treatment with energetic osteopathy was very impressive. Kalu had already treated me several times, but this time it was clearly different. Immediately when she held her hands in front of her forehead, the energy started working on my body where she would lay her hands a moment later. My heart became much wider, filled with a glistening light. Every cell in the body was touched, enlivened, and I became expanded… The initial thoughts dissolved, and without any effort from my side, mantras kept flowing through me.

The energy continued to work throughout the afternoon and evening, flowing through and around me. My heart was perfused over and over again with joy and feelings of blissful happiness.

Thank you, dear Kalu

Bela Weiss

Yesterday I got the new core competence of Kalu Schreiber, „BRAIN-MELTING“.

When she had her hands on my head, I felt a pain in my forehead chakra until the end of the treatment. At the same time, I had the feeling that my brain was sinking into my body, like a fusion. I relaxed more and more. My connection to the earth became strong and deep. I felt peace. Then I went to meditate. I suddenly became very hot and felt a ray from heaven flowing through all my chakras into the earth. In the end, Kalu told me that she had seen a wonderful white blue angel behind me….

MERCI, dear Kalu, for this unique experience.

SoLa Sylviane Lemardelé

Two days ago, I received Kalu Schreiber’s core competence: „Brain Melting“! For me, the short summary is „heart overhead“. It was as if my brain melted into its origin, the heart „Meltdown“. Did you know that in the embryo, the brain forms from the heart? When Kalu gave me her CC, it was like a PC shutting down; after first erasing the hard drive of my brain, it was rebooted. After that, a diamond formed in the centre of my head and then one in my heart. Subsequently, the diamond from my head fell into the one of my heart, and they became one. My brain remembered its „home“. Pathways emerged in my heart that connected with my brain and my thinking. After a few minutes, my brain felt pleasantly empty, at the same time clear and like a vessel nourished with impulses from my heart. In my daily life, I noticed that I no longer react to negative thoughts from my environment with my own negative thoughts, but that my heart impulses have taken over. Thank you for this wonderful core competence-creation that I was able to enjoy. It’s a great work that I can only recommend to everyone’s heart (brain). Love Crosis

Crosis Eidenschink

As the name brain-melting suggests, my brain needed some time to be able to tell about the experience I had. Kalu filled me with an energy that spread slooowly from my head to my feet. It was as if old structures were being softened, gradually melting and flowing away. In my head, it stopped thinking; the continuous inner stream of thoughts came to a rest. Chakra blockages dissolved, and body structures solidified by imaginary images or thought patterns dissolved.

The energy is still flowing; it has been for three days now. It feels as if the gross material levels still need some time to adapt to the new energy, which has already changed the subtle energy levels. The body is able to rearrange itself without emotional or mental shackles that restrict its function vitality returns.

Draupadi Uhlendahl

Last week I received Kalu’s new core competence, „Star Seed Potentials“. During this process, the famous quote from the movie „Jerry MaQuire“ came up … not „Show me the money!“?? but „you complete me.“ ❤️❤️❤️ Completeness isn’t just a strong feeling or thought/belief that I can easily address here. It is a feeling of lightness. The feeling is as light as a feather or a breeze. You may not notice it, but the change has happened.

I work as a teacher in a children centre where we take care of primary school students, help them do their homework and study for exams, and wait for their parents to take them home. I teach English there. I was always annoyed or easily angered by kids who didn’t do homework, weren’t prepared for class, when they didn’t stop talking, that kind of thing. However, after I got Kalu’s core competence, I didn’t even raise my voice during work. I am no longer disturbed by the behaviour of the children. I can stay calm and give them the same quality.

I have received both core competencies from Kalu – „Brain Melting“ and „Star Seed Potentials“, and they are amazing. Both have helped me to move up to a new level with ease. I love Kalu’s work and recommend it to you if you want to experience yourself on a new level. Thank you, Kalu!

Lamura Fu Taiwan

Today I received the wonderful core competence „Brain Melting“ from Kalu Schreiber. Kalu’s work was/is incredibly intense and deep. It feels like my system is being completely turned upside down and has to completely re-sort itself; this is also very noticeable physically. At the beginning of her treatment, the light of my origin spread from top to bottom throughout my whole body – starting with the chakras, which then expanded. I am now bathing in my own light and have the feeling that my chakras are warming my body from the inside – like after a day in the sauna. In the beginning, my whole body tingled from head to toe; I felt deeply relaxed and at peace within myself in this powerful light. Then Kalu treated two chakras that I have felt blocked for a long time but have not yet made any progress in unblocking them. First, I felt an unbelievably deep sadness in all chakras (from throat to root), which has accompanied me all my life, but whose cause I have not yet been able to heal. After this sadness, I felt love – the incredible love of my being, and I felt how much my being loves my body and how grateful it is to have this body. After this love, I felt joy in these chakras and – what can I tell you – my being is actually pure joy, but I could never really feel it for myself. May it become fully alive again in all chakras so that I can fulfil my life’s task! OM

My chakras are now widely expanded. With her work, Kalu takes away the thought/will patterns that have covered the chakras – deep spring cleaning, so to speak – so that the original light and energy of the chakras become visible again and nourishes the body and one’s own being. It’s like a „new start“; to the origin and back again…covering many incarnations. In any case, this treatment was awesome and very noticeable until the evening. I didn’t feel like thinking about what was happening in/with my body and soul – I just wanted to let it happen and enjoy it. This work is absolutely recommendable and an important and healing gift for humanity. I am really curious to see where this will lead, seeing that so much has happened already? Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dearest Kalu

Gunji Skufca

Dear Kalu, thank you again for this brilliant work! After the brain and the chakras were cleared, I had a completely different expansion. The contact with the earth and the „laser“ to my heaven is particularly intense. Also, the lightness and joy, this laughter from my heart are so indescribable… just super great!!!

As I continue to work with this energy, I am sometimes unsure and surprised because the usual trains of thought go more and more missing, and the perception of myself is changing… Together with this joyful energy of the heart, this is in no way frightening, but fun and I am curious to see what else will come to light. I will be happy to report back to you.

Warin Schröder

Dear Kalu,

I thank you for your CC star seed potentials. Through your work, bridges of light were created in me that connected me with a grand and very homelike starfield. Its manifold light flowed connectional in a criss-cross motion through both sides of my body, and I saw myself in a position to build bridges back to these homelike star fields. Since then, a flow of light in both directions is possible, and everything seems more radiant.

This mutual connecting is crucial and changes many things for me. A lively exchange acts as special support. In everyday situations, I feel more secure and safe, like having arrived more. This, in turn, actually makes me more courageous, and my confidence in myself and in what I do grows.

For a long time already, I felt that my task is to build bridges, not only for myself. And in many situations, I have already been able to do this. Now a new quality for this kind of inter-world-connection is possible because the bridges I am building now are no longer only one-way „streets“.

Slowly, more stability, joy, a more intense connectedness with everything but also a special lightness in many things of my everyday life are showing up.

Thank you!

Joana Borchert

More and more universal levels are entering our consciousness. Energy is flowing into us from all universes, and with it comes a deep knowledge that is connected to our origin. In most of us, this is still asleep. With her core competence, Kalu helps to bring this consciousness as an active potential into our experience as human beings, to make it experienceable and tangible in the body. In this way, it becomes part of the devotion and appreciation for yourself and towards your very own path.

Thank you, dear Kalu, for your precious gift ❤︎


Brain melting has made me realise my own truth in many previously inaccessible areas.

This has led to the liberation of all the issues that laid above my truth and have greatly prevented me – in many areas – from simply living myself. Brain melting has made me realise on deep levels what and how I really want to live. Suppressed emotions attached to the issues that covered my truth were brought to the surface. Through your loving guidance, I was able to release them little by little. A free flow of what really makes me happy was set free. This work was profoundly liberating and contributed to a more happy BEING.

Thank you very much, dear Kalu, for your BEING HERE. Your work is wonderful.

Ola Kopplinger

At this point, I would like to thank Kalu, who last week gave me a special and lasting experience with her CC brain-melting. Since then, my „inner cinema“ has been quieted on some topics. A new – or at least newly recognisable to me – space emerged in which it became possible for me to make long-overdue decisions for what makes me happier. I now feel more in touch with the essence of my being.

Sashanta Bainski

I have received Kalu’s CC twice so far. The first time in September. Immediately afterwards, I felt incredibly liberated and so beautifully empty. I immediately felt how old structures that no longer served me simply melted away. This was directly reflected in the sudden non-existence of thoughts. It was as if I had still been able to see them fly away, I knew about them, but I had no idea anymore what they had been about. Exactly the same experience intensified again when I got the CC for the second time six weeks ago. The liberating release of constrained thoughts and the dissolving of the related thought carousel. In this way, old synapses are no longer nourished and retained. New paths become possible in an incredibly simple, natural way. Thank you very much, dear Kalu, for this wonderful gift. It has supported me very much in my own creation phase because old hindering aspects no longer got in my way, and I had a direct connection to my original trust again.

Padmaya Lobascio

After initially stubborn thought patterns, I can now say that through deletion, these too have freed up space, which now flows much more easily with myself and everything I want to create in my life without „thought-brakes“. During the treatment, I saw a white desert of light in my being merge with me, like a reset and restart. This reset and restart accompany me every day when I invite it, and more energy flows through my whole energy system. Truly brilliant, dear Kalu, thank you very much; I can only recommend it. I don’t consume one treatment after the other but rather allow what was helpfully given to me to unfold its full effect. In this way, I can perceive in a more differentiated way. The technique „stoping thought loops“ given to us by Agni last week has a similar effect, but one would have to repeat it several times for each thought loop. In my experience, however, „Brain melting“ works independently, subtly and continuously. Space opens up for the next breakthrough-steps☀️.

Thank you, dear Kalu ❤️. May you delight many more people all over the world.

Crey Deutschmann

Dear Kalu,

I would like to thank you again for your knowledge and training in energetic osteopathy. In the last part, EO 2, I received my star seed potential. This connected me even more with my qualities. I feel and notice how I stand clearer and even more stable within myself. The stability and clarity for my being, support me greatly. My perception is more sensitised and focused. It’s like more roots have grown for my life and life in general. Every further step I take on my path allows me to grow. Thank you very much, dear Kalu, for the brain-melting of my chakras, the support and treatment – emotions and organs and my star seed potential. 

Monika Hornung

Kalus CC „Brain Melting“: I admit it took me a little while to allow my self to get in involved with it? But wow: so loving, so relaxing, so enriching for my own being… In a very unspectacular and profound way, energies were removed (melted) from my system that had no place there or no longer corresponded to the current times. What emerged was vastness and expansion and new insights. Thank you, Kalu. I highly recommended it.

Saganji Michaelis

Brain Melting

With my 1st core competence, old thought structures and behaviour patterns are dissolved and transformed for freedom, love, peace and clarity! A new space opens up within you to receive your SOUL, a new light-filled future and your potential.

Star seed potential

With my 2nd core competence, "star seed potentials" I help you to receive your new potentials from your heaven and the star worlds and to make them tangible for you in your everyday life.

Don't be afraid of yourself 

With my 3rd core competence Do not be afraid of yourself - invite and allow your SELF, you experience healing on all levels and can calmly and naturally show yourself in your GREATNESS.

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