Star seed potentials 

Devotion and respect for your path and respect for the path of others.

Your change of consciousness

With my 2nd core competence, „Star seed potentials“, I help you draw new light and consciousness levels from your heaven and the star worlds and make them tangible for you in your life.

We are living in times of a significant change of consciousness. Everyone is taking part in this process. The heavens are opening more and more and are releasing the unique gifts that we have stored there for this time.

Potentials that we have been missing for a long time or that are only now revealing themselves want to go into creation on earth.

Your completeness

It is about becoming complete and integrating our wonderful soul qualities so that we can really feel and live them here on earth. Everyone has their own individual star map, which is connected to the unique soul origin.

In a meditation, together, we take a look at your star map, and from the abundance of the universe, I place the missing „star seed potentials“ which now want to go into creation, into your map. This way, the potentials can flow into your being, and you can use them for yourself and your completeness.

I will accompany you and show you how to develop these new potentials further and integrate them into your life.

Be ready now to accept your potential and to live your unique life task.

The second part of this work is about devotion and respect for yourself and your path of creation. I will also connect you with individual potentials for respecting the path of others from your heaven.

It will lift you up and enable you to walk your path humbly yet powerfully in love and fulfil your life task.

Dear Kalu,

I would like to tell you how I feel after I received my star seed potentials from you. As soon as I received them from you, white-golden light flowed into my body through my crown chakra. It spread throughout my body, and I had the feeling as if every single cell of my body was flooded with this beautiful light. It then spread over my physical body and has enveloped me like a cloak ever since. Perhaps the simplest way I can describe it is, „I have arrived in my light, in my greatness and power.“ This power is also noticeable in my treatments, in that my clients have confirmed to me on several occasions, that they have the feeling that the sessions have an even deeper effect on them now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Silvia Palma

More and more universal levels are entering our consciousness. Energy is flowing into us from all universes, and with it comes a deep knowledge that is connected to our origin. In most of us, this is still asleep. With her core competence, Kalu helps bring this consciousness as an active potential into our experience as human beings to make it experienceable and tangible in the body. In this way, it becomes part of the devotion and appreciation for yourself and towards your very own path. Thank you, dear Kalu, for your precious gift ❤︎


I recommend the „BRAIN-MELTING“ before working with the star seed potentials.

In this work, I open your star map/matrix, and we look at it together.

„Holes‘ become visible that call for completeness. I fill these holes with your potential from the star worlds, the way it shows itself.

This work can also be done for specific topics, such as „what are my next steps“, „important decisions in my career“, or „healing for my relationship“.

In further steps, I connect you with your potentials for devotion and respect for yourself and your path and the respect for the path of others. 

1st session approx. 1 hour  
2nd session and follow-up talk approx. 30 min.

Your profound, long-term coaching

with brain-melting and the star seed potentials.

During this coaching, we work together on your healing path and your completeness.

Through regular ZOOM or Skype meetings, you will receive ongoing individual healing treatments with my core competencies. Unique“ limits/difficulties“ come to the surface and want to be recognised and healed. Depending on the healing required, I will also treat these obstacles with other techniques, such as energetic osteopathy, dissolving and healing traumas and trauma chains, liberating incarnation paths, healing the heart and releasing emotions from the organs. I will give you individual assignments to support you in the process of healing and completeness.

4 months of coaching

10 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

4.500,- €

6 months of coaching

13 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

6.000,- €

9 months of coaching

19 individual sessions – as and when you need them.

9.000,- €

Support – Coaching in the group

6 participants
6 month

3.500,- €

You get 12 sessions through ZOOM
including 2 individual sessions

Dear Kalu

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly, for the excellent support in my search to perceive my whole being. It touches me very deeply to feel my potentials. They help me align myself a little faster and stay on the path of my heart.

Cordially Maximus

Dear Kalu

After you gave me your „CC brain-melting“ for the 3rd time, I decided to sign up for your healing mentoring for a couple of months. „Brain melting“ helped me a lot to feel the essence of my being better. With your various techniques, you dissolved blockages and obstacles, and with your CC Star seed potentials, you opened up new spaces for me. In this way, I was able to experience the unique qualities of myself. I feel much more stable in my expansion; my power and love are now always quickly noticeable to me, even in more challenging situations. Dear Kalu, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your supportive guidance on my path. 

Cordially Bela

Dear Kalu, with your core competence, „star seed potential“, a tremendous amount of power came back into my navel chakra. It’s great that you can tap into the universes‘ energies and reintegrate them ⭐️✨🌟 Thank you very much. 

Elisara Irène Süess

It has been a few days now since I received this work from Kalu! It is not easy to describe star seed potential. What stands out? What strikes me most profoundly is that my appreciation of my life has changed. Individual images and experiences emerge; I look at them, go through the experienced feelings again, and sometimes, something completely new happens. The feelings leave my body and disappear into my energy body. A frightening emptiness then comes up in me, as if I had just lost a personal treasure. When I asked why I felt this way, I got the answer that I wanted to experience this feeling. Now there is room for something new. This gives my life a whole new quality. Thank you, Kalu!

Jaruh Schrempp

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